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    Doing Good Together

    From a group that started with just 50 people to a church that has grown in location, diversity, ministry, and attendance to about 1800 people, Calvary believes we are more than a building. We are a community and community doesn’t have a five, ten, fifteen-mile radius. Not only do our attendees come from near and far, but we partner with Good Hope, Inc. – a non-profit organization that reaches communities locally and around the world. Alongside this 501c organization we too can help bring the message of Christ as well as:

    • Health & growth opportunities
    • Food
    • Medical solutions
    • Education
    • Clean water

    We’re so glad you are part of our Calvary family and we invite you to do good together with us through the Good Hope family as well.  Please visit Good Hope’s website to learn more about how they help people locally and internationally. www.GoodHopeInc.org