Pastor Tim Schmidt

Senior Pastor

Pastor Tim is the primary preacher and teacher on Sunday mornings and provides comprehensive oversight to the ministries of Calvary Christian Church. In recent years he has increasingly served our Assemblies of God fellowship in leadership positions and overseas ministry. Pastor Tim now serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Southern New England Ministry Network.

Jacquie serves as Pastor Tim’s administrative assistant. Pastor Tim and Jacquie have two married daughters who are in ministry alongside their husbands as well.

Pastor Jamie serves as Executive Pastor overseeing the day-to-day operations of the church.  Pastor Jamie and his wife, Rebecca, have two sons.

Pastor Brigham oversees Calvary’s Danvers Campus and various church ministries. Pastor Brigham and his wife, Andraya, have three children.

Pastor Clark oversees our ministries for college age students and young adults. Pastor Clark, and his wife, Kim, have a daughter.

Pastor Charles oversees prayer, evangelism and compassion ministries of the church. Pastor Charles and his wife, Linah, have three daughters.

Pastor Vinny oversees the men’s and grief ministries.  Pastor Vinny is married to Mary.

Pastor Ben oversees both our Missions and Christian Education departments. Pastor Ben is married to Danna.

Pastor Ryan oversees all of our children’s ministries, which includes ministry to children ages 0 through 11.  Pastor Ryan is married to Brenda.

Pastor Antonio overseas Calvary’s Hispanic campus. Pastor Antonio and his wife Yessenia, have one daughter.

Daniel oversees our ministries for middle and high school age students, as well as directing our growing media department. Pastor Daniel is married to Alisha.

Kendra oversees our production ministry and is available for women’s counseling. Kendra also oversees our marriage ministry with her husband, Sterling.

Sterling oversees Celebrate Recovery (CR) and our First Impressions ministries. Sterling also oversees our marriage ministry with his wife, Kendra.

Elizabeth is usually the first voice you hear when calling or the first face you see when coming into the church office. Elizabeth and her husband, Mike, have three children.

Darlene serves to coordinate our Sunday nursery staff. Darlene and her husband,  James have two children.

Damaris serves as the church custodian working alongside Sean keeping our building clean. Damaris and her husband, Rich, have two children.

Ildrys comes to Calvary with many years of experience in leading worship, going all the way back to her teenage years in the Dominican Republic. After coming to the United States, Ildrys studied at Berklee College of Music while also serving as a worship leader at a bilingual (Spanish and English). Now Ildrys oversees worship and music here at Calvary. Ildrys is married to Vlade.

Tom serves as our Director of Facilities & Construction. In this role, Tom oversees our facility and any major construction projects. Tom is married to Debbie.

In her role, Alisha oversees visual production for our church. Alisha is married to Pastor Daniel.

Brenda serves as our Nursery Director, handling all the aspects of the church nursery. Brenda is married to Pastor Ryan.

In addition to being Pastor Jamie’s Administrative Assistant, Katie oversees all aspects of our office including operations and procedures. Katie is married to Tom.

In her role, Casey oversees various digital and print communications for our church. Casey and her husband, Eliezer, have two sons.

Dan Ruff serves as our Accounting Manager, handling all the financial and accounting aspects of the church. Dan and his wife, Sue, have three adult children.

Jacquie serves as Pastor Tim’s administrative assistant. Pastor Tim and Jacquie have two married daughters who are in ministry alongside their husbands as well.

Sean serves as our Facilities Manager. Sean oversees the maintenance of our church buildings and equipment. Sean and his wife, Janine, have two adult children.