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    SUNDAY LESSON | September 12th

    We are back to In-Person Kids Services at 8:30am and 10:30am

    Nursery (0-1): HERE

    Preschool (2-5): HERE

    Elementary (6-9): HERE

    Preteen (10-11): HERE

    WEEKLY ACTION BIBLE STUDY (Resuming September 7th)

    Every Tuesday (2 Groups)

    Ages 6-8 at 5:30pm – 6:20pm

    Ages 9-12 at 6:30pm – 7:20pm

    The Action Bible is an excellent Bible for kids in the form of a comic book.

    We read together by screen-sharing on Zoom so that everyone can follow along and grasp the amazing pictures and dialogue. However, we encourage you to purchase an Action Bible (PURCHASE HERE).

    Our goal is for our children to develop a firm Biblical worldview and a true love for reading God’s word.


    Worship Playlists

    Parent Cue 

    Marco Polo





    Sermon Notes
    Family Prayer


    15 Encouraging Keys to Family Worship

    Kids’ Spiritual Gifts 

    Parents, The Enemy Has Stepped Up His Game, Have You?


    To BELONG to the Family of God

    To KNOW Christ Personally

    To SERVE Others and the Community

    To SHARE Christ with Others

    Every Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm

    • Nursery (0-1)
    • Toddlers (2-3)
    • Preschool (4-5)
    • KidZone (6-11)
    • Junior Bible Quiz (6-11 at 10:30am Lynnfield Campus)

    Every Sunday: 5:00pm 

    • Nursery/Toddler (0-2)
    • Rainbows (3-5)
    • Girls Ministries (6-14)
    • Royal Rangers (6-14)

    From Nursery to KidZone, we aim to create a foundation that leads to spiritual growth, transformation, and ultimately Christ-likeness. Each week in our classrooms we help kids encounter God through:

    • Engaging Worship
    • Fun Games
    • Captivating Bible Lessons
    • Cool Crafts and Hands-on Activities
    • Relevant Memory Verses

    We offer volunteers who specialize in connecting with children who may need more attention or comfort in a social setting. These volunteers, or ‘Buddies’, help engage children who have learning differences, or children who may feel hesitant to engage in the classroom, or who need additional support for any reason.

    JBQ offers a fun, exciting way for children in grades 1-6 to learn important facts and truths in God’s Word. Children work together on teams to learn the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pak. Our teams then engage in competition with other AG churches for fun quizzing matches. Quizzers try to beat each other to the buzzers to get the first shot at the answers. JBQ Ministry is proven to help kids learn to love God’s Word and build a faith that lasts a lifetime. JBQ meets at 10:30am on Sunday at our Lynnfield Campus.

    Girls Ministries is a church-based discipleship program that has a legacy of godly women coming alongside girls, guiding them on a path to become mature and godly women. Our goal is simple: To see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and to realize her importance and potential in the kingdom of God. Girls Ministries meets on Sundays at 5:00pm at our Lynnfield Campus.

    Activity-based, small group church ministry for boys in grades K-8.  The mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. Royal Ranger commanders mentor boys on a Bible-based, Christ-Centered, Spirit-empowered journey to maturity in the faith. Boys learn to study and apply what the Bible says about integrity, doctrine, biblical worldview, cultural issues and manhood. Royal Rangers meet on Sundays at 5:00pm at our Lynnfield Campus.

    We believe dedicating children to the Lord is a very important step in raising them in a God-honoring way. We offer a Baby Dedication Class for parents who would like to dedicate their child to the Lord. For more information and to register for the class: HERE.


    KIDZTURN – MAY (2023)






    KIDS CAMP – JULY (2022)


    At Calvary Kids, your child’s safety is our priority. We implement several procedures and policies to ensure that your children are safe and well cared for while they encounter God. This way, parents can participate in our main worship service knowing their children are in great hands.

    All CK Volunteers participating in any service have completed mandatory background checks and have passed a child-safety training course. We review several references and we know each of our 150 volunteers personally. (40% of our CK Volunteers are CPR certified!)

    Every Sunday, in addition to our trained Security Team, we have a dedicated, uniformed Police Officer that monitors the hallways of our church and pays special attention to Calvary Kids’ areas.

    Each children’s space is equipped with video surveillance and has access to the Kid’s areas and are well secured.

    A new child/family will complete a registration form at our check-in desk. The information on this form will be added into our Planning Center system through an iPad. After all information has been added, a name-tag label will print out (one for the child and one for the parent). These tags have matching 4-digit codes. Parents will need their label code to pick up their child for safety purposes.

    Upon arrival, parents will check-in their child and receive a printed name-tag for the child along with a parent pick-up slip. The parent tag and each child’s name-tag will have a unique, 4-digit code generated that match one another. When a parent picks up their children at each classroom, teachers will scan the parent’s slip and verify the parent is authorized to pick up only the children permitted.

    In order to keep our classrooms clean and prevent the spread of germs, we ask parents to wait another week if their child exhibits any of the following criteria:

      • Temperature > 100 Degrees
      • Runny Nose (With Colors Other Than Clear)
      • Productive Cough
      • Vomiting Or Diarrhea (In The Last 48 Hours)
      • Undiagnosed Or Contagious Rash
      • Red Or Draining Eyes
      • Has Been On An Antibiotic < 24hours

    We will always text you using our web-based app if your child needs you for any reason. We want everyone to have a memorable worship experience, which is why we livestream our service to our Parent Comfort Room and our Nursing Mother’s Room.  If for any reason your child cannot stay in the classroom, they are welcome to stay with you in the comfort of one of these convenient rooms.



    We encourage parents to get involved with their children in Calvary Kids for a number of reasons. First, we seek parent volunteers because no one knows kids better than their parents and no one spends more time with them than their parents. You entrust your child to us for an hour a week, however God entrusted your child to you for 18 years. We hope to equip parents with knowledge of what their child is learning so they can reinforce the teaching points and continue the discipleship of their child for the rest of the week. When parents are a part of their child’s church experience, it demonstrates that growing close to God is a priority. We want children to think, “this is important to my parents, so it should be important to me too.” We also know God has given many others a passion and talent for developing young disciples. We look to them to join CK especially to mentor children and support their families.

    We do our best to invest in our volunteers, giving them a sense of purpose, ownership, and value in order to create a solid foundation of God’s love in the lives of our children. If you feel passionate about changing lives for eternity by serving kids and their families, there are so many ways you can do this with us! Learn more about the steps to getting involved as a Calvary Kids volunteer HERE.