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  • Here at Calvary we have something for all kids ages 0-11 at all our Sunday services. During each of these ministries our aim is to provide more than childcare for your child, we aim for life transformation.

    In our nursery and Jr. KidZone areas we relay God’s Word in bite size pieces that are easy for the littlest child to understand and enjoy. From week-to-week, children are given taught important Bible stories they will love.

    In KidZone, we are passionate about presenting deep Biblical truth in crazy and creative ways kids will love! On Sunday mornings, kids will have a blast making new friends and learning God’s Word from funny skits, wacky games and amazing Bible teaching. With a dynamic mixture of large group and small group times, every Sunday morning is packed with fun interaction and personal connections, creating an atmosphere where kids experience God in a way they never will forget.

    Child Safety at Calvary
    At Calvary Kids we take the responsibility you have entrusted us with seriously and have implemented several procedures to ensure you have peace of mind so that not only is your child in spiritually good hands but physically safe from harm.

    Background Checks
    Staff and volunteers participating in any service or attending a classroom have completed mandatory background checks and go through continual training to ensure they are equipped to provide prompt, safe care for your child.

    Uniformed Police
    Every Sunday we have a dedicated uniformed Police Officer that monitors the hallways of our church and the Calvary Kids’ areas.

    Video Surveillance
    Each children’s space is equipped with video surveillance.

    Whether online or in person, check-in is the first step to creating a seamless Calvary Kids service. Whether a first-time visitor or an attendee for years, this security measure ensures we can direct your child to the appropriate classroom, have them picked up by the correct adult and adhere by any instructions you have left with them. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before class so your child can get checked in, acclimated and you can get caught up on the latest Calvary Kids news.

    Nursery Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to bring?

    1. Clearly labelled diapers, wipes, bottles & pacifiers.
    2. If your child is potty training, please bring a change of clothes for them in case they have an accident while at church.
    3. Details concerning feeding and napping schedules. Teachers will have forms available for parents to fill out with this information

    What is the wellness policy?
    To ensure a safe and healthy environment for every child, we request that parents take responsibility for making sure their children are well before coming to church. Please make sure children are symptom free for at least 24 hours before bringing them to their class.

    What if my child is unable to stay in class?
    We want everyone to have an incredible worship experience and that’s why we offer parent rooms and nursing rooms to accommodate those with fussy or vocal children. These rooms have play areas for the kids along with TV monitors of the service so you don’t miss what’s happening. If your child becomes too active or fussy, we kindly ask that you take advantage of these options.

    How do I dedicate my child to the Lord?
    We believe dedicating children to the Lord is a very important step in raising them in a God-honoring way. We offer a Baby Dedication Class for parents who would like to dedicate their child to the Lord. For more information and to register for the class, click here.

    Jr. KidZone & KidZone Frequently Asked Questions

    My child is attending a service with a friend/family member who is in a different age group. Can they attend together in the same venue?
    Because our curriculum is adapted in each venue to best fit the age group being taught, we encourage kids to attend the service in their appropriate age venue. However, if a child is uncomfortable attending alone, they may attend service with a friend or family member; we just ask that both children attend the service for the youngest child’s age group. This allows both children to fully understand and engage in the lesson being taught.

    As a parent, can I be my child’s classroom teacher?
    Many parents are involved with their children in Calvary Kids, and our team is always excited to welcome new volunteers who love pouring into the lives of their children. If you would like to become more involved, learn more about the steps to becoming a Calvary Kids volunteer here.

    If I choose to attend one service and volunteer a second service at Calvary, what will my child do during the second service?
    There are many parents who participate in more than one service at Calvary. Children who attend two services at Calvary are encouraged to attend Junior Bible Quiz or Royal Rangers/Girls Ministries in their second service.

    Volunteer in Calvary Kids
    Our volunteers are simply amazing. They lift the atmosphere, connect with kids to show them God’s love, put parents at ease about the safety of their child and create memories that last a life time. If you feel called to serve the families in our church, we would love to have you on our team.  To learn how to volunteer here.