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    Biblical & Balanced for The Broken

    Pain is something we all go through, and this is for anyone seeking recovery through 12-steps and support beyond. Celebrate Recovery helps individuals in a group setting connect over live worship, great food, and prayer. Breaking down barriers and building up courage.

    A proven method in over 25,000 churches, it combines 12-steps and the transformative love of Jesus Christ to address and eliminate the hurts to alcoholism; substance abuse; depression; anxiety; anger management; sexual, emotional or physical trauma; pornography addictions; eating disorders. Also, other pain and vicious cycles we have been enslaved to for months, years decades.

    Our Steps to Recovery Begins with Five Unique Features

      1. Celebrate Recovery (CR) is based on the Word of God. Inspired by the Beatitudes, we use those eight descriptive assurances to guide those seeking recovery principles to simultaneously keep one on the course and look forward to beautiful rewards.
      2. CR is all about momentum. It’s a 12-steps program walking forward and with that a forward-thinking mentality. Rather than just excavating the past and asking individuals to provoke their stressors by sharing past incidents, we emphasize relying on Christ’s power of allowing spiritual growth.
      3. While this is a group setting, personal responsibility drives the core of the program. Accuse and excuse, a stage of victimization, is common. Alternatively, in some instances of trauma, internalization, and blame. During the CR process, we help you recognize and acknowledge the misguided choices and misdirected blame to establish a proper way to deal with faults rather than get angry and defensive. While it’s ideal to be able to have the will to refrain from addiction, healing begins at the root, and we rely on Jesus’ Christ to transcend the body, mind, soul, and emotions.
      4. The only way to turn off a thought is to replace it with another. The only way to remain strong is to continue following the course which gave you the strength for steps 1-12. From baby steps to leaps of faith, fostering a healthy spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ, complete surrender is ultimately the only way to survive. Jesus is all knowing, all powerful and all for you getting through this because everybody needs Him.
      5. Don’t shut out the people who saw you through. From small groups to worshiping with the body of Christ in the sanctuary, staying close isn’t just about accountability but unity. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen in only darkness but in the Light and among God’s people.

    Our Celebrate Recovery team wants to help you get from one day to the next. Stop by our Multipurpose Room on Mondays at 6:30 for worship, a meal, a lesson and open share groups. We are here to build you up and see you set free from sinful behavioral patterns, hang-ups, addictions, and pain.

    Please join our Facebook group to keep up to date on our CR programs and schedule: https://www.facebook.com/groups/calvaryCR

    For more information please contact Pastor Leighton ([email protected]) or call  781-592-4722 .