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    It is a great joy for us to be able to share with each person such an important message of salvation, restoration, as well as healing for each one of our lives. 

    For this reason, we want to invite you to join us so that we can get to know you through your participation in our activities, which are scheduled and carried out each month.

    Our mission

    Recognize our God for Praise and Worship.
    Reach lost souls through Missions and Evangelism.
    Raise Leaders and Ministers of the Gospel.
    Send leaders to plant churches to increase the kingdom of God.

    The vision

    Our vision is a community of followers of Christ by:

    • Grace – We believe in extending the same grace we receive.
    • Gifts – We believe in using spiritual gifts to serve those around us.
    • Give – We believe in worshiping God by giving our time, talents, and finances.
    • Groups – We believe that people grow better in small groups, along with other believers.

    The goals

    Our fundamental values

    Praise God, Love People, Trust in the Holy Spirit.

    Philosophy of the Ministry

    The Balanced Ministry with a Personal Touch.

    Groups and events

    Basic Discipleship

    The basic disciple is the time that the Lord Jesus asks us to care for the new believers.   Time to teach them how to keep their word in their mind and heart for those difficult times in their lives can remain firm trusting without doubting the love of God for them.   We know that many of the new converts have difficulty attending a class where a day and time is already established.   Therefore, we offer you the time that is convenient for them.   Discipleship is provided to new believers by people with sacrificial love and full of the power of the Holy Spirit.

    New starts

    We were created to have authentic relationships with other people. True community occurs when people come together to study the

    Word of God, praying together and creating genuine and lasting relationships.

    Golden age

    The season to continue bearing fruit is the Golden age 55+ is not time to sit down, it is time for new strategies, new beginnings, it is time to embrace this new day with joy and know that they have a lot to give.   This is a group of brothers (as) who have decided to continue worshiping God with their talents and gifts, there is no age or limits for what you want to achieve if you can dream it, and if you can not dream after sharing with us you will begin it to do.   Therefore, the mission of the Golden Age will be to reaffirm the usefulness and participation of 55+ adults in the body of Christ and the community.

    Ministry of Men

    Hispanic style breakfast and a moment of camaraderie.   The purpose of this breakfast is to establish a link with the Hispanic group that meets in the service at 12:30 pm in the Chapel of Prayer and with any other person who joins us to the regular services provided here in The Christian Church Calvary.   If you are Spanish speaking or if you want to hear this wonderful language with a cup of coffee.   Come and join us! There will be a clip board in the prayer chapel to register.

    Classes Starting Point

    In these classes you will be able to know the history of the Calvary Christian Church. It will explore the ministries we offer, and meet our staff .   You will learn how you can get involved and help you discover your next steps.